I like LeBron James. He’s one of the best. When he was with the Cavelier’s (twice) I was a Cav’s fan. When he moved to Miami, I suddenly became a Heat fan. Now I’m a Lakers fan. Kind of. I like him as a player and the impact he’s had in the community. He came from a single parent home and so did I.

If you follow sports at all you know that the Lakers are probably not going to be in the playoffs. LeBron’s been to the NBA Finals I believe eight years in a row. Boom! But not this year. As the season begins to wind down the team has put him on a minutes restriction. He’s played a lot of basketball in his career. Truthfully, I think he will benefit even more next year having had a year off from the playoffs. We shall see.

The phrase “Minutes Restriction” was in my head last night. I wonder if we should take the same approach when it comes to work and life. I wonder if I need a minutes restriction in certain areas of my life. What about you?

less minutes

A few years ago I began working out with a “Minutes Restriction” kind of mindset and it did wonders for me. Most of my workouts were 25-35 and that was it. Even though I was telling myself I couldn’t see great results with so little time in the gym, I was wrong. There’s actually a lot of great data showing the benefits of H.I.I.T. training. If you’re looking for more results, give it a shot. Put yourself on the clock when you get to the gym.

What about a “Minutes Restriction” when it comes to social media? That’s probably a good idea as well. How much do you spend on social media? I use the tracker on my phone which will shut down a particular app after a certain amount of time. The downside with these is that you can bypass them if you want to. You can always adjust the setting or just hit ignore. I’ve found deleting the app from the phone works pretty well because it becomes a hassle to download the app each time you want to use it.

What about a “Minutes Restriction” when it comes to eating? There are so many great benefits of fasting. What’s worked well for me is about a 10-12 hour fast between my last and first meal. In 2018, I played around with other time frames with the fasting but didn’t care for it. I would recommend playing around with the 10-12 hour window. Most of that will be while you’re sleeping. Something as simple as that kind of minutes restrictions will provide great results.

It could be the case when we begin to feel stuck or not producing or recovering as we should, that it will be good to examine what we’ve been doing. Maybe we too need to be put on a “Minutes Restriction” regimen.

Would love to hear your thoughts with what’s working well for you.