Me: “I should have a package coming later on today.”

Wife: “Okay, I will be sure to get it.”

Me: “Did the package arrive?”

Wife: “Yes it did.”

Me: “Great.”

Wife: “Do you need for me to bring the shake mix?”

Me: “No, I have one.”

Wife: “Ok.”

Me: “Did you bring my protein?”

Wife: “No, you said you didn’t need it.”

Me: “Wait, what, no I didn’t. I said I had a shake bottle.”

Wife: “Silence.”

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Ever had a conversation like the one above? You are sure you are on the same page until you recognize you’re not on the same page! Ha. Oh well. I don’t have my bag of protein I ordered. No protein, no problem.

For years, I’ve been using some kind of protein shake. What about you? I can remember back in my college days how I often turned to EAS shakes. Those shakes were really good. I also used MetRx shakes as well.

For the last few years, I consumed a lot of RIGHT LIGHT NUTRITION shakes. Those were really good too. My go-to protein shake at the moment is now Jay Robb’s whey protein isolate. I prefer the vanilla brand. It tastes great and shakes easily. It’s only 100 calories. But I will have to wait to get some.

No Protein, No Problem.

As I think about my fitness journey I have realized that at times I rely too much on supplements. Supplements are good but we must remember that they are supplements. It can be easy (and I have done this) to rely too much on them. Personally, I think it’s good from time to time to lay off the supplements. For a variety of reasons like…

  1. They can become really expensive.
  2. To give your gut a break.
  3. To recognize that you can be successful with or without them.
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No Protein, No Problem.

I think my muscles will be okay for a few days without my protein shakes. As much as I like to have them, it’s not the end of the world.

Eat regular food. Enjoy mixing up your eating routine from time to time.

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There certainly nothing wrong with even fasting a little bit longer. You get the idea.

So today, enjoy your protein shakes. If you have them. But if not, don’t worry. Don’t stress out. You will be okay. So will your muscles.

No Protein, No Problem.


One more thing. What’s your go-to protein shake? I would love to hear. I may need to try it.