Tis the season…

For cookies…

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For pies…

cherry pie with stars on top
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For every reason under the sun to EAT, EAT, EAT…

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Especially at NIGHT.

I’m like a Gremlin. When it gets late, I tend to want to eat even more. Are you the same?

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Here’s a simple question to ask yourself when those moments hit.

“How will this make me feel in the morning?”

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this. Certain foods just aren’t sitting well with me anymore. Especially, when I eat them later in the evening.

I’ve been doing a 12 hour fast from my last meal to my first for the last few years. I sleep better when I eat earlier in the day, as opposed to late at night.

I thought of this question a few days ago when I woke up not feeling my best. The reason? The food I ate the night before.

“How will this make me feel in the morning?”

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This is a simple way of protecting yourself throughout the holidays. Because, let’s face it, there’s always a reason to eat badly. Asking that question will help protect yourself from yourself.



Go get it.

P.S. If you have some tips that help you to WIN during the holiday season, please share in a comment.