Addiction To Attention?

My family and I have been enjoying Disney Plus! We’ve watched tons of Marvel movies. Before we ever had Disney plus, we were watching tons of Marvel movies! As a result, we’ve been experimenting with different shows and series. We’ve been pondering about whether or not we’re going to get a dog. We’ve had catsContinue reading “Addiction To Attention?”

Just Focus On Today

Today is Wednesday January 8th, 2020. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Thanks! Tell us something we don’t know.” Today is today. Tomorrow is tomorrow. Therefore, focus on Today! This is the day we do have. This is so easy to type and read, but often hard to do. Are you pondering what you’re going to doContinue reading “Just Focus On Today”

Thank You, Brother Roy

My mind has been on death lately. I spoke at a funeral two weeks ago in Lubbock Texas. I spoke at another funeral yesterday in Lewisville Texas. For the next four days, I’m doing a special series of lessons called, “Standing on the edge of eternity.” I will be speaking more about life, death, andContinue reading “Thank You, Brother Roy”

A New Month: It’s Time To Focus

WOW! Tomorrow is June 1st. Can you believe that? Time is moving by fast. So how are you doing? Do you remember what you said you would accomplish back in January? Where are you with your goals? Have you been tracking what you’re doing? If not, why not begin now. But what exactly should youContinue reading “A New Month: It’s Time To Focus”

What I’ve Learned From Married Couples

I’ve been in QUESTION MODE. When I see people doing something well, I begin to get curious. I want to know more. What’s their secret? What advice are they willing to share? What I might be able to modify in my life? The last few weeks I’ve had an opportunity to talk to some peopleContinue reading “What I’ve Learned From Married Couples”

Lips, Hips, Breasts,and Fingertips

So many women are defined by their appearance. By their lips. By their hips. By their fingertips. Do they measure up? So they look the part? Are they Instagram worthy? Men begin to look at women in this manner as well. Comic books depict women with big breasts, big lips, and a petite waist. OhContinue reading “Lips, Hips, Breasts,and Fingertips”

Sex, Wisdom, And Intimacy From The Proverbs. WHAT!

I’ve been sick the last few days, so haven’t done much blogging. But after taking some Tamiflu and getting some rest, I’m feeling much better. I’ve begun writing about a Proverb each day. I’m a few days behind, so we will catch up today. If you haven’t been able to read some of the wiseContinue reading “Sex, Wisdom, And Intimacy From The Proverbs. WHAT!”

Be An Ant-Man

My son and I saw them doing their work. They weren’t bothered (or at least it appeared that way) that we were standing above them admiring their work effort. Ants. Small but powerful. Ants have been on my mind. Part of it is because of Marvel and the movies Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp.Continue reading “Be An Ant-Man”